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Hair fall is an intricate issue that we at Yun Nam are specialized in treating. Our products and treatment are 100% safe and comprise of premium natural herbs that can help you regain your hair and confidence that were once lost. At Yun Nam, we provide solutions, not alternatives to your hair problems.


Tested & proven techniques

Losing more than 100 strands of hair a day is a definite sign of hair loss. Therefore, the first step to recovery is to prevent hair from falling off prematurely. Learn more about our tried and tested techniques and effective products in helping you to regaining thick and lustrous hair.


Visible results guranteed in just one session

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Herbalogy Hair Growth Treatment - only RM68 trial session
A unique treatment experience in which the latest technology meets traditional premium Chinese herbal formulas, Ultra HairGro Herbalogy Hair Growth Treatment effectively eliminates the root cause of scalp problems and hair loss by revitalizing the scalp and rejuvenating growth of healthy new hair

hair loss treatment products RM68 trial session includes:
  • Computerised scalp & hair scan & analysis
  • Scalp cleansing session
  • Ultra Comb welcome experience
  • Herbal hair growth treatment
  • 1 set hair care product kit
* available for new customers only.

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