Am I losing
my hair?


9 Types of Hair Loss for Men & Women

Hair does not just fall off your head overnight. Usually it takes quite some time before one realizes that smooth skin surfacing beneath the mass of tuft. Here is a short list of what could be one of the many signs of impending hair loss.

  • Itchy scalp/Dandruff/Oily hair
  • Receding hairline, starting from the head temple
  • Visible scalp on top of head
  • Bundle of hair attached to comb

There are some other signs that sometimes accompany hair loss problems: High body heat (leads to insomnia, nose bleed, mouth ulcers and red face), constipation, acne (pimples), frequent sore throat.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Result an imbalanced immune system
  • Shorten the growth phase of hair
  • Cause hair strands to shrink, become weak and fall off

Possible causes: Heredity, ageing, diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, dramatic weight loss


  • Cause itching and red/sore scalp
  • Will clog hair follicles, causing hair fall

Possible causes: Allergy reaction, yeast infection, imbalanced diet, stress

Oily Scalp

Oily Scalp
  • Clog hair follicles, inhibiting proper hair growth
  • Will lead to permanent hair loss

Possible causes: Stress, imbalanced diet, heredity, dramatic weight loss, unhealthy lifestyle

Female hair loss

Female hair loss
  • Overall thinning from the center or sides of the head
  • Insufficient nutrients(iron & Protein) will cause hair to fall off

Possible causes: Heredity, hormonal imbalance, diet, stress


Post natal hairloss
  • Due to the decrease of estrogen, hair will start to fall
  • Commonly start around 3 months after birth

Possible causes: Hormonal change, imbalanced diet, stress


  • Lack of ability to absorb protein and calcium
  • Hair become thin and dull due to aging

Possible causes: Ageing, hormones, stress

O Shape

O Shape men hairloss
  • Hair follicles shrink causing wider bald spots
  • Hair appear thin and dull
  • Permanent hair fall will occur when hair follicles die

Possible causes: Heredity, ageing, diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle

M Shape

M shape hairloss
  • Hair fall at the sides of the head
  • Hair appear thin and dull
  • Bald areas will expand if not treated

Possible causes: Heredity, ageing, diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle

Ring Shape

Ring shape hairloss
  • An infection-related condition
  • Leave scaly patches of temporary baldness
  • Cause hair to become brittle and break off easily

Possible causes: Fungal infection

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